Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


IASS Co., Ltd. observes every law, including and incidental to the Personal Information Protection Law, and guidelines set by ministers of state in charge when dealing with information identifiable an individual. IASS also takes safety measures to protect individuals’ privacy.

Acpuistion of Personal Information

IASS will acquire least personal information as necessary when performing our duties in a legal and proper manner.

Purposes of Utilizing Personal Information

IASS will not utilize personal information acquired for any other purposes than performing duties without the individual(s) corresponding. Nonetheless, the purposes of utilizing personal information are as following

  1. To answer to inquiry of individuals
  2. To notify individuals of our services for sales
  3. To send brochures and related documents regarding our services to individuals
  4. To support individuals using our services
  5. To make a research, etc. on customer satisfaction for our services

Safety Measures in Handling Personal Information

IASS will take enough precautions in handling personal information by preparing regulations and internal systems to implement such regulations. Moreover, IASS will immediately take a countermeasure in case of an issue.

Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

IASS will not provide personal information to third parties without consent of the individual(s) corresponding unless.

  • Necessitated by incidental laws or ordinances,
  • Necessitated and requested by subcontractors in order to perform duties (IASS will demand the subcontractors to properly handle such personal information and will watch if they follow us), and/or
  • Urgent influencing individual(s)’ life, health and/or property and difficult to receive consent from such individual(s) in advance.

Inpuiry to IASS

Inquiries regarding our privacy policy and your personal information are welcome and should be directed to the following. Upon receiving such inquiry, we will identify who has given us such inquiry and answer as soon as possible.

IASS Co., Ltd.

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